About the project

Reshaping the Domestic Nexus is a multi-stage, ESRC funded research project bringing together academics from leading research groups at the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester with policy partners in BEIS, DEFRA, FSA, Waterwise, Actant Consulting Artesia Consulting, Northumbrian Water Group (NWG), WWF-UK and WRAP. The researchers are from research groups which have been at the forefront of new ways of understanding how householders’ routine activities end up demanding resources, including of energy, food and water. This project’s purpose is to make that understanding useful for informing actual policy processes with our policy partners.

The research is being led by Matt Watson at the University of Sheffield, with Mike Foden, David Evans, and Liz Sharp, also at the University of Sheffield, and Ali Browne and Claire Hoolohan at the University of Manchester.

The project is funded by the ESRC Nexus Network  and the ESRC Impact Accelerator Accounts (IAAs). 

You can find out more about the project here.

Published by Matt Watson

A Human Geographer at the University of Sheffield, interested in how everyday human action and social orders make each other, with implications for sustainability and wellbeing.