The domestic nexus team contributes to ‘Nexus Thinking’ at the RGS Annual Conference

‘Nexus Thinking’ was the theme for this year’s Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference, signalling the salience of the nexus in research as well as policy debated. Chaired by Peter Jackson, a member of this project’s advisory board, this major conference drew together hundreds of Geographers. The project was represented by Ali Browne, who presented a paper entitled  The domestic nexus’: critiques, provocations and opportunities for applying ‘the nexus’ to thinking about water-energy-food in homes, as part of a session, Vexing the Nexus, which she co-organised with colleagues from University of Manchester.

Published by Matt Watson

A Human Geographer at the University of Sheffield, interested in how everyday human action and social orders make each other, with implications for sustainability and wellbeing.