Thought Leading at the Environment Agency

To celebrate the new year, the Environment Agency’s invited Claire Hoolohan (Tyndall Centre, University of Manchester) to present Change Points at their ‘thought leadership’ workshop, and discuss how it might inform their new collaborative strategy.

This multi-disciplinary workshop saw thought leaders from the fields of behavioural economics, psychology and social practice theories discussing how policy makers might use research insights to challenge assumptions and develop initiatives fit to meet the challenges that face our country.

Claire presented the Change Points toolkit which, designed with academics at Manchester and Sheffield along with several external collaborators, provides a method to develop systemic approaches to sustainable transformation. Discussions focussed on how the toolkit mobilises social practice theories, a body of work traditionally difficult to apply in policy settings, and helped to identify the plethora of connections that the Environment Agency might make to other organisations driving forward sustainability agendas within the UK. The presentation is available here:

The presentation was one of five, with eminent Professors Lorraine Whitmarsh (Cardiff University) and Elisabeth Shove (Lancaster University), Dr Kris De Mayer (Kings College London) and Toby Park (Head of Energy & Sustainability, The Behavioural Insights Team) contributing ideas from across the social sciences.

Change Points demonstrates how working with the diversity, complexity and interconnectivity inherent in peoples’ daily lives helps to identify novel and effective avenues for intervention.

Slides and notes from this talk are available here: