Project 3 – The Change Points Toolkit

‘Change Points for the Nexus at Home: A toolkit for developing policy for water-energy-food consumption in UK Homes’ was funded by the ESRC Impact Accelerator Account (IAA) at the University of Manchester. It was led by Ali Browne (PI) and Claire Hoolohan (Co-I) at UOM, with strategic input from the academic (Watson, Evans, Sharp, Foden – CoIs) and non-academic (Defra, FSA, Waterwise, Northumbrian Water Group, Actant Consulting, Artesia Consulting) advisory boards and wider stakeholders (WWF-UK, WRAP). Taking place from January to October 2018, the project co-designed a toolkit (workshop process, facilitator workbook) which will  support policy makers and other non-academic stakeholders interested in developing more nuanced policy processes and business practices around household sustainability. After a range of ‘Beta Testing’ with project partners in June/July 2018 (on the topics of water efficiency and food waste), the toolkit was launched in November 2018.