Design thinking for practice-based intervention

A new paper in the eminent Design Studies journal authored by Claire Hoolohan (Tyndall Centre) and Alison Browne (SEED) describes how Change Points combines methods from Design Thinking with ideas from Social Practice Theories to produce a workshop method for practice-based sustainability initiatives. The paper, titled Design thinking for practice-based intervention: Co-producing the change pointsContinue reading “Design thinking for practice-based intervention”

Unflushables 2030? Mapping Change Points for Intervention

Today sees the end of a two-day workshop “Unflushables 2030?”, co-convened by the Change Points team (Alison Browne and Claire Hoolohan) with Anglian Water and more than 30 industry partners to identify ways of eradicating hygiene products disposed of via the toilet reaching sewers and waterways in the next decade. Unflushables are a substantial challengeContinue reading “Unflushables 2030? Mapping Change Points for Intervention”

Thought Leading at the Environment Agency

To celebrate the new year, the Environment Agency’s invited Claire Hoolohan (Tyndall Centre, University of Manchester) to present Change Points at their ‘thought leadership’ workshop, and discuss how it might inform their new collaborative strategy. This multi-disciplinary workshop saw thought leaders from the fields of behavioural economics, psychology and social practice theories discussing how policyContinue reading “Thought Leading at the Environment Agency”