Talking FOGs with Pennine Water Group

Early in the project we worked with our partner organisations to identify four specific issues, through which we can explore the new light that nexus thinking, together with a focus on everyday kitchen practices, can shed on ongoing policy challenges. One such issue, identified in collaboration with Waterwise, is the widespread disposal of fats, oilsContinue reading “Talking FOGs with Pennine Water Group”

Report of workshop 3, nexus, policy and practice

What can policy (broadly understood) do differently to get people to do things differently at home, such that demand for resources of food, water and energy decline? That was the fundamental problematic underlying a day of creative engagement and informed critique between people from government, regulation, civil society, consultancy and academia in London in December.Continue reading “Report of workshop 3, nexus, policy and practice”

Workshop 2 Reshaping the domestic nexus, Manchester

The focus of the second workshop in the Domestic Nexus series was on researching and understanding changes in domestic practices which can reduce demand for resources was . It took place on 23rd November, at Manchester Friends Meeting House. 35 participants, including from Aalborg, Tartu and Roskilde as well as from around the UK, chewed overContinue reading “Workshop 2 Reshaping the domestic nexus, Manchester”

Critical insights on nexus, home and transitions at the Sheffield workshop

The first ‘nexus at home’ workshop made for an excellent start to the series. After some transition and nexus themed warm up orchestrated by Will Medd, Zoe Sofoulis (University of West Sydney) got things  rolling with critical insights on home and household – thinking of it as node, assemblage and as distributed in community relationsContinue reading “Critical insights on nexus, home and transitions at the Sheffield workshop”