Sustainability in turbulent times, Westminster conference

Just over the Thames from Parliament, the project was featured at Sustainability in Turbulent Times. This major event, attended by around 350 and featuring a range of high profile speakers, was the culmination of the work of the ESRC funded Nexus Network. In a wide ranging programme, we covered issues around the challenges and opportunities of pursuing change towards sustainability in light of contemporary political and economic changes and what they represent.

A very fine corporate conference suite in the repurposed building of the Greater London Council certainly gave an appropriate environment for discussing the effects and fortunes of neoliberalism, challenges of governing for a state hollowed out of governing capacity, and more, being comfortable while affording plenty of irony.

Research and its engagement with policy was a key theme. Given this project’s contribution, it was great to hear from Ian Boyd, Chief Scientific Adviser in Defra, that he sees understandings of how to reduce demand for resources right down to household level, as a key field for evidence and research-policy engagement.

Published by Matt Watson

A Human Geographer at the University of Sheffield, interested in how everyday human action and social orders make each other, with implications for sustainability and wellbeing.

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