The Team


Claire Hoolohan
University of Manchester

Claire is a Research Fellow at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change. Her research examines resource intensive practices, identifying opportunities for intervention, and working with non-academic research partners to understand how sustainable social practices can be facilitated.


Alison L. Browne
University of Manchester

Alison is a Lecturer in Human Geography/Sustainable Consumption. Her research identifies the dynamics of everyday life underpinning large-scale sustainability transitions (e.g., water, energy, food, waste), and co-produce opportunities for policy and practice change with cross-sectoral partners.


Matt Watson
University of

Matt is a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography. His research works with practice theory and related approaches to understand processes of social change, particularly in relation to reducing resource demands of everyday life.


Liz Sharp
University of Sheffield

Liz is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Chair of Sheffield Water Centre. Her research explores the governance of water, with a particular emphasis on the roles of publics in making policy and taking action to develop a more sustainable water environment.


David Evans
University of Sheffield

David is a Professorial Research Fellow in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Deputy Director of Sheffield Sustainable Food Futures (SheFF). His research explores the role of material and cultural practices in processes of economic organisation.


Mike Foden
Keele University

Mike is a Research Associate in the School of Social Science and Public Policy. His research interests are in the intersections between sustainability transitions, everyday life and grassroots action for change, with a particular focus on food.


Sam Outhwaite
University of Sheffield 

Sam is a Research & Teaching Associate in Human Geography. Her research focuses on sustainable agri-food production-consumption networks, environmental land and farm management practices (established and emerging) and decision-making processes/influences, with a particular interest in reshaping production-consumption assemblages through sustainable interventions and change management.